Beginning Swim

Water Adjustment
Supported Swimming on Front and Back
Breath Control
Directional Changes
Personal Safety

Front and back swimming using arm and leg movements
Submerging eyes, noes, and mouth
Opening their eyes under water
Floating on front and back
Using a life jacket
Opening eyes under water
Picking up a submerged object
Entering and exiting the water safely

Intermediate Swim

Entering water by stepping or jumping from the side
Rolling over from front to back, back to front
Swimming on their side
Swimming on their front and back using combined strokes
Treading water using arm and leg motions
Moving in water (with life jacket)
Submerging entire head
Front and back gliding

Advanced Swim

Jumping into deep water from the side
The survival float
The Butterfly with kick and body movements
HELP and Huddle positions, front and back crawl and glide
Submerging and retrieving an object
Breathing exercises
Reaching assist Diving from kneeling or standing position

Shallow diving and diving safety
Open turns on front and back using any stroke
Swimming on side using scissors-like kick
The Breaststroke
The Backstroke (elementary)
Throwing assist
Jumping into the water from higher up (with life jacket)
Care for conscious choking victim

Kid Builders During the School Year

Kid Builders 4 Life teaches more than just Swimming! During the school year, we teach a variety of educational programs in many different preschools and daycares across the metroplex. Our Sports programs include basketball, baseball, football, and soccer. Kid Builders 4 life also teaches health and fitness, because we believe in well rounded Sports Education.

Music and the Arts
Kid Builders 4 Life incorporates many different forms of music into our curriculum. Students learn everything from classical instruments and terminology to fun hand games and sing-songs. Even a little pop cultures is in there every now and again! Children of all ages are engaged with hand puppets and exciting and silly songs.

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