Sports at School

Kid Builders 4 Life offers a variety of sports and fitness programs to your school! With our curriculum, students can learn Soccer, Football, T-ball, Basketball, Hockey, and many more fitness games and excercises.

While some school districts are cutting sports programs for younger students, Kid Builders 4 Life believes that children should be getting more. Through our fitness program, we help students achieve the following skills: concentration, self-esteem, imagination, relaxation, and cooporation.

Sports are, of course, not the only way to learn these skills, but they are highly effective for two main reasons. Children learn best when they are enjoying themselves, and learning is optimized when there is a strong and immediate link between an action and the result of that action; sports offer that opportunity.

Where we go

You can find our programs in the following cities:

  • Collin County
  • Dallas County
  • Denton County
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    We Have Fun

    What's the most important part of Kid Builders 4 Life? We Have FUN!

    Why is Sports and Fitness important?

    Physical activity produces overall physical, psychological and social benefits. It helps us gain more self confidence and have higher self esteem. Because of that, Kid Builders 4 Life offers a variety of classes to teach your child sports!

    By learning through play, students also learn life long important information about health and the body, such as names of the bones and muscles. Students play sprts and fitness games that increse hand eye corrdination, as well as obsticle courses for balance and muscle growth.

    Kid Builders 4 Life implements a curriculum based off of Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS), and can easily intergrade the school's educational program.